Two layers are recommended

Select a masking tape that is wide enough to completely cover the trim components. When taping a door handle, for instance, apply a wide piece of masking tape to the upper area of the handle first, smoothing the tape by hand to prevent any ripples or ridges. Then apply a second piece of tape to cover the lower side of the handle, slightly overlapping the first piece. Apply masking tape to chrome strips, grills, weatherstripping, decorative emblems and antennas in the same manner. When masking bumpers, 12-inches wide is efficient for the job. Protecting grills is easy when masking paper is extended well inside the engine area to prevent overspraying the radiator and engine. Letters and emblems can present a problem that is easily resolved by using narrow widths (1/4 inch) of tape, though when possible, it is best to remove emblems. Headlights and taillights can also be easily masked using three-to-six-inch sections. Two layers are recommended for covering windshields. Begin masking a windshield by first applying a running length of masking tape around the windshield trim or the glass itself. Attach masking paper to the lower portion of the windshield and then apply a top piece to the windshield that overlaps the bottom piece. Masking in this way prevents water and debris from running down over the paper onto an uncovered area. Do not remove it until the newly applied paint is dry. When covering a panel for a two-toned paint job, select paper that is slightly wider than the area to be covered. Apply masking tape to one edge of the paper and apply the taped edge to the car body. Then fold it to the required width and tape it into place. Expository paper as the name may tell is a paper which seeks to explain something to the reader.

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